Our Team


The McKnight/Rienas team is made up of a talented group of six individuals, all bringing in unique skills, which when put together, makes for one dynamite team.  We offer a wide range of services which span from wealth management, to tax planning, life and group insurance to estate and life planning.  We are aligned with mortgage brokers, accountants, and lawyers to coordinate and facilitate all of your financial needs.  
We look forward to being of service!


Carl McKnight   C.F.P
Senior Vice President

Carl is one of the founding members of Ironwood.  He began his career as a financial advisor in 1994 and is experienced in all areas of finance with specialties being small business and corporate structure or restructuring as well as business tax planning, investments, life, DI, CI and group insurance planning, tax preparation and taxplanning, as well as retirement and estate planning.  Carl's favourite post-work activities include old cars, motorcycles and visiting family, wherever that may take him (Barrie, Vancouver, New Brunswick, etc.).


Jason Rienas   B.B.A, C.I.M

Jason has been a financial advisor since 2008 and a discretionary portfolio manager since January 2017.  He specializes in investment management and tax/estate planning.  Jason's approach includes three foundational pillars: Capital Preservations, Tax Minimization, and Long-Term Wealth Accumulation.  When Jason isn't at work he loves to spend time with his family, hit a few golf balls, and sail the ocean blue.


Brett Graham
Executive Financial Assistant

Brett joined the McKnight/Rienas team in 2016 as a financial assistant.  She is in the process of becoming an Investment Advisor, with her focus on retirement and financial planning. In addition to retirement planning Brett is the behind the scenes jack of all trades; you can find her planning special events,  following up on meeting paperwork, and editing the website.  When she isn't busy at work Brett enjoys playing soccer, dominating board games, and hanging out with her family.


Julie Dejager
Administrative Assistant

Having been working in the financial industry for the last 31 years, Julie has been a staple of Carl’s team since 2006. She is the master of all things paperwork, the go-to person when Carl or Jason are unavailable, she organizes and enters almost all of the tax returns, and coordinates the schedules for the whole team.  When she is not at work, Julie loves vacationing with her family and doing some kind of physical activity.

Tim Swinkels
Insurance Agent

Tim joined the team in 2017 as an insurance specialist.  He has been a huge addition (6'7 to be exact), and can help you with all of your insurance needs, whether it be group, family, or life.  When Tim isn't busy meeting clients you can find him competing with anyone he can find, whether it be sports, board games, or even a logical argument over why he shouldn’t have to do household chores with his loving wife.